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ABOUT The pinnacle in quality and precision.

With a history spanning over seven decades, we continue to build successful business relationships by exceeding our customers’ expectations for machined components.

It’s simple. We get
the job done right.

As a fully automated CNC organization, our aim is to contribute to our customers’ success by creating solutions and machining quality parts through collective team analysis and innovative manufacturing practices.

With the highest quality machining solutions around, utilizing FMS (Flexible Manufacturing Systems) including 5-axis machines and our intricate Zeiss Contura CNC Coordinate Measuring Machines, we ensure that we meet and exceed the tightest tolerances that our customers demand.

In addition to the latest technology, we have a state of the art team. Our highly skilled and talented team members take pride in their work to maintain the greatest level of customer satisfaction on every project.

General Manager,
Udo Jahn.

If you’ve met Udo, seen him speak at an event, or read his blog posts, you know him as a very passionate and opinionated business leader. Udo’s entire working life has been spent in the manufacturing sector and he knows it inside and out.

As Modern Engineering’s General Manager since 1986, Udo has made Modern stand out amongst its competitors for not only the accuracy and consistency of our sawguides and CNC machining capabilities, but also for investing in skills development, innovation, automation and sheer production power. Modern Engineering is now one of the largest CNC milling operations on the west coast.

Udo passionately believes that the future of manufacturing in Canada relies on automation instead of outsourcing, which unfortunately many other companies have turned to over the past few decades. Udo believes in educating our young workforce today in order to preserve the machining knowledge that currently exists in our country and to ensure that Canada has a strong foundation of manufacturing industry leaders for the future.

In his spare time, Udo is known as an expert of delicious and budget-friendly wine — dare he say, “cheap wine”. He also enjoys global travel and staying engaged in current events in the Canadian manufacturing industry.

Through innovation
everyone benefits.

We want to spread our knowledge and be influencers across the industry.

One Read Udo’s latest contribution to Modern Machine Shop.

Artificial intelligence and the spatial computer have enormous potential to change the way machine shops will operate in the future. Read Udo’s latest opinion piece titled, “Spatial Computing, AI Meet the Machine Shop”.

Two Training the next generation at BCIT.

Modern Engineering is a big supporter of the CNC Machinist Co-op Diploma Program at BCIT and hosts one or more students at all times. This program provides training in basic machining and CNC skills over the course of 3 terms, including 1 co-op work term.

Three Helping bridge the skills gap between schools and industry.

Modern Engineering works closely with British Columbia Metal Manufacturing Advisory Group (BCMMAG) to help find ways to inspire and educate students about CNC machining through initiatives in secondary schools. Udo believes that supplying modern equipment to our schools, is one of the keys to bridging the skills gap.