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Business Strategy Stop Moping Around and Fix Your Attitude… Today!

“Have a nice day!” The officer walked back to his car and sped off. There I was, standing on the side of the road. My vehicle had just been impounded for 7 days for going over the speed limit. It was mounted on the tow truck and on its way to the impound yard. My wife was glaring at me, a look that could have wilted the hardiest of flowers. I guess I had just somewhat ruined her vacation. What was going to happen now, I wondered. 

My thoughts were clouded with many mixed emotions. I was angry with the police for doing such a horrible thing to my wife and I. I was upset with the people who had set the speed limit so slow on a 4 lane road. The world was just swirling out of control. I felt stranded and alone. At this moment, it felt like a stage of hopelessness that I have seen exhibited by many people I have known over the years.

The tow truck driver asked if we wanted a lift anywhere. We were 500 miles away from home so that was not going to cut it. It was late in the day, so the local car rental company was closed. Besides, the tow truck driver said the police had made a rash of impoundments lately, so there was a high probability there were no cars left. He suggested maybe dropping us off at a hotel or Greyhound station with all our camping equipment. That seemed like our only choice.

I was trying to fight my feeling of despair, and then an idea came to me. I asked the tow truck driver if there was a U-Haul dealership in town. He said there was, and we immediately high-tailed it there. When we arrived, the U-Haul dealership was just closing, but the fine gentlemen who worked there took the time to get us a rental truck for the week. We transferred all our camping equipment into it, and got on the road to go camping. Our vacation was back on! As we left, our vehicle made its way to the impound yard to wait for our return after the 7 day holding period. On our way to our destination we passed the same police officer on the road. He had another offender in his grip, and that guy was also waiting for a tow truck.

This experience taught me a lot of things; like the obvious, which is to slow down, but things happen. These types of events happen in our personal and business lives all the time. I find many people just give up and let negativity consume them. We complain about the world and how terribly unfair it is to us. Many of us hurl choice words out in massive quantities in order to feel better. Most of the time this does not work. The despair remains and it plunges many into a state of paralysis. 

This is not the first time that I have encountered this type of situation, but every time I do, I need to remember to reach down deep and struggle through my emotions to find a constructive solution to my unfortunate circumstance. I have discovered that it’s not helpful to waste time by not dealing with my emotions. Surrendering to what seems like fate is the wrong thing to do. We need to put aside our emotions and fight through these events with a clear and constructive mind.

Every day we encounter situations that can and will defeat us, if we let them. Just like with my impounded vehicle and I. We can let it defeat us or we can choose to fight through it.

Remember: there is always some kind of U-Haul around to help you. So stop moping, go find it, and get back on the road!