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Business Strategy Why Doing Something Is Always Better Than Nothing

After getting up in the morning, many of us prepare ourselves for work. During this preparation, a lot of us will read the morning paper, which is usually full of bad news. I have heard that bad news sells much better than good news. I guess that means bad news makes money and good news doesn’t.

For the sake of this blog I want to concentrate on business and economic news. Every time I look at this type of news it’s negative. What I mean is that even if a company is making money there seems to be some person or thing that adds a negative spin to whatever good news there is. It’s really annoying. It seems like the only options are bad news, or good news mixed with bad news. I don’t know about you but there are days where this really gets to me. This negative news, especially at work, can really influence your ability to work. I know it does for me and since I don’t think that I am all that unique, it must be affecting many other people too.

In my industry (manufacturing) it can be especially painful. The constant bombardment of bad news can put you in a state of paralysis. You want to do so many things but the constant bad news is like fighting an overwhelming army that has a thousand times more ammunition than yours. It feels like you are back in a war where the only moves are suicide missions. You can try anything but the outcome is almost certainly death. I can see why many business people cannot make decisions with this type of outcome hanging over their head.

What can you do today? Well, I for one have decided that doing something is better than doing nothing. I look out at companies and people who in my opinion are successful. I know there are many people that would want to debate success but my definition is not all about financial wealth, it’s also about whether people feel like they have accomplished something great. To do something in this world, no matter how small, is better than doing nothing at all.

Looking at the people I consider successful, I see that they have chosen to forge ahead in their lives even when the odds are against them. This is true for businesses as well. I bet you can name at least one person or business that has become successful against all odds.

Maybe these companies and people know something that others don’t. They decided that they just needed to work at what they were doing instead of being paralyzed by all that negative stuff out there. These companies and people chose to conquer the fear they built up in their minds, and do something to the best of their ability without the influence of that fear. I think Nike had a campaign about this…

I think we need to cut through all the bad news in our business lives and just do something! Doing nothing means we allow the bad news to influence us, and therefore it does its job and defeats us. So do something today that goes against the odds. Conquer that fear, and you will feel amazing.