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Modern Engineering News Introductions

Through these years there have been good times and bad times. In the good times we were manufacturing parts made on new equipment (aka awesome new toys) to our many, loyal customers. In the bad times we were going through recessions that made our customers lives, and our own lives, miserable.

Modern Engineering has been around 74 years, since Walter Kent (nicknamed ‘one thou Walter’) started the company in 1939, in the area of West 2nd and Pine, Vancouver, BC. I have not been around since 1939 – and I hope people’s pictures of me confirm this. Walter built Modern Engineering with an unwavering commitment to making the most precise parts possible. This commitment was instilled throughout the company, and his legacy continues on today, in the way we operate and manufacture machined parts.

Modern Engineering is proud to carry on the tradition of delivering the most precise parts, while ensuring the success of our customers. In this blog I hope to share some thoughts on how we do this, unveil manufacturing lessons I’ve learned along the way, and have a little fun. I hope you enjoy, and I encourage you to share your thoughts with me.