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Skills GapTraining Why Do Fast Food Joints Always Get the First Crack at New Employees?

“I was tired of listening to fellow owners in the machine shop industry complaining about lack of skilled labour, and yes, I was even tired of complaining myself,” says Jahn. In 2012, Modern Engineering called on Delta School District’s Brian Tivy, coordinator of Career Programs and Dave De Pieri, Apprenticeship Facilitator.

Together, Modern Engineering and the Delta School District have developed a program to provide CNC training and employment to interested high school students. The program has been going amazing according to Jahn as “we get to train these guys [or girls] from the ground up.” It’s a win-win-win. Modern Engineering gains eager, new employees that are excited to learn the trade and expand their CNC and Machinist skills. The school districts helps their students find meaningful work and a great head start to their career in an area of interest. The industry benefits because the number of skilled workers grows.