Automation is the Key to Success

We believe that the future of manufacturing in North America is automation. We consistently invest in machining cell automation in order to stay competitive during times of economic turbulence. It has also allowed us to become globally competitive without outsourcing.

Modern Engineering has always believed in keeping our Canadian manufacturing sector alive and well. We invest in new developments in automation and efficiency improvements in order to keep our services competitive, allowing you to experience North American made quality and service, right in your own backyard. We also place a huge emphasis on skills training within Modern, and are proud to advance the knowledge of our 100% Canadian workforce, ensuring future generations have the machining knowledge necessary to continue the Modern Engineering legacy.

At Modern Engineering, we routinely upgrade our operational efficiency and output to allow for the greatest productivity possible. We currently have four MAM72-35V Matsuura 5 Axis CNC milling machines, which makes us one of the largest 5 Axis CNC machine shops on the west coast. However large your production run is, we can get it done efficiently and accurately.

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Are You Innovating or Renovating?

As you are reading this blog, many millions of dollars of equipment are be purchased by companies around the planet, much of it is in the manufacturing sector. The question that follows is, ‘Does the equipment being bought actual innovate their business or just renovate?’

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Award Winning Work Always

Our role is not limited to simply receiving and fulfilling orders. Instead we work with our clients throughout each project from beginning to end. We have found that continuous communication and long term relationships are the best solutions for success. In addition, our dedication to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management gives us the ability to create unparalleled machined components consistently in our machine shop.

Our Accomplishments